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First Hand Experience

In today's marketplace, if you don't treat people right they will quickly find another place to go!

Innovating successfully today is all about focussing on the unmet needs of customers and getting the customer experience right.

Firsthand helps you get it right for the user, first time around.

Because these days, you simply can't afford to do things any other way.

New Healthcare Services


firsthand helped Pfizer create a people-shaped™ range of smoking cessation products and services.

By analysing people's 'quitting experience' around the world, we identified distinct 'quitting archetypes', each with their own different goals and need states. These insights led the design of our early proposition prototypes which we tested with end users.

We then transformed the results into a robust customer experience strategy to drive the development of Pfizer's new stop smoking portfolio.

New Airline Digital Experiences


Working with Virgin-Atlantic and Microsoft, our people-shaped research revealed revolutionary ways to delight both the airline traveler and the flight crew too.

We identified how digital technology could be used to change the perception of how long it felt that a flight lasted. And we proved it too!

We built an experience prototype in a real aircraft and tested the ideas on a flight to Boston.

We delivered new forms of flight experiences that improved socialization, personalized environment control, and immersive recreation - literally making it feel like "time flew by".

New Financial Services


We have been working with HSBC, Barclays and digital financial players to help them take a fresh look at how they can best excite, serve and retain customers.

Our people-shaped approach brought a diverse range of customers, together with internal business analysts, front of house staff, and their design & development teams.

We worked collaboratively to create new products and services.

Then we created new tools and work processes that exploited the opportunities presented by new digital technologies.

International Consumer Products


Ambitious firms frequently need to maximise their global reach. But there can be real challenges.

Our people-shaped approach helped a US based consumer brand to understand how they could best appeal to an international consumer base.

Our work revealed which aspects of the product each of the local markets were particularly sensitive and responsive to.

Then we created a business strategy that optimised the complete proposition for each geographical sector.