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Science Museum

For most people, the reality of man made climate change is either fact or fiction. The subject itself is a mistrusted, unpopular brand, with a long history of contradictions and bad PR. Throw in the words "science" and "museum" to the task of creating a public exhibition around this topic and you've got quite a challenge on your hands.

The Science Museum's exhibition design team had the knowledge and passion to create something truly meaningful, but were finding it difficult to translate the different 'ingredients' into a believable proposition. Working early on in development, firsthand were invited to help the different content, research, marketing and creative teams figure what content was right, for what audiences and in what kind of visitor experience.

Focusing on the user experience and the visitor journey for a range of different potential audiences, we took the team, assisted by members of the firsthand network, through one of our Deep Dives. Together we arrived at a clear proposition that described who the exhibition needed to attract, how we would meet their expectations and how we could empower the audience in making its own decisions and changes.

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